About VIVO

Frequently Asked Questions

VIVO is an open source semantic web platform that reveals current research and scholarship through linked profiles of people and other research-related information. VIVO is populated with data from authoritative, trusted sources to create researcher profiles that highlight faculty expertise, publications, grants, teaching, service and social networks.

Search VIVO for additional information about departments and research units, undergraduate majors, graduate fields, courses, research services and facilities --- anything related to academic and research pursuits at Cornell.

Please contact us with any corrections, comments or suggestions for improvement. For information about the National VIVO project or to download the open source release, please see http://vivoweb.org

The VIVO project was initiated at Cornell University Library 2003 and implemented here in 2004. Cornell's VIVO continues with support from the Office of the Provost. Technology customization and disciplinary content entry are directed by appropriate subject experts in the Library, who are also part of the VIVO project team, which is comprised of the following members: