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Ann Markusen is a Professor of Planning and Public Policy and Graduate Faculty, Geography, and Applied Economics at the Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, and Director of Project on Regional and Industrial Economics. Dr. Markusen is considered a long-standing force for original research in the fields of urban planning, regional science, and political economy, and a powerful educator and promoter of women in her several fields.  Her areas of expertise include arts, culture, and economic development; regional economics and planning; industrial and occupational planning; and economic impact of high technology, and military spending.  She is considered a world-renowned scholar in her field not just in the United States, but in Europe, Asia and Latin America as well.  She was a Fulbright Lecturer in regional development economics in Brazil and has written on European, Korean, and Japanese regional economies as well as on North American cities and regions.  Her research repeatedly delivers fresh, critical, and policy relevant insights about issues ranging from economic conversion of former military facilities, rural poverty, demographic change, social and cultural conditions necessary for economic development, the relationship between occupational and industrial structures, and typologies of industrial clusters, to the effects of globalizations on Latin American regions.  Her influential work as a regional scientist bridges the qualitative/qualitative divide utilizing a mixed-methods approach considered as critical to the future of regional science.  Dr. Markusen’s work on the economies of arts communities, artists and activity, and urban revitalization underscore this approach.  She has authored more that a dozen books, and more than 60 refereed articles.  From 1995-2002, she served as a Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York and in 2002, was a Visiting Fellow at the Public Policy Institute of California.  She chaired the Committee on Science Engineering and Public Policy from 1998-200 (having served as a member for six years).  From 2001-2002 she was a member of the President’s Commission on Offsets in International Trade. Dr. Markusen is a recipient of the McCoy Award from the American Collegiate Schools of Planning (2005) and the prestigious Alonso Prize in Regional Science in 2006.  She holds doctorate and master degrees in economics from Michigan State University and an undergraduate degree from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service.

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    • urban planning, regional science, and political economy, and a powerful educator and promoter of women in her several fields.