ENTOM-2030: Honey Bees: Their Intriguing Biology and Interactions with Humans - Fall 2015 Course uri icon


  • Honey bees have been an object of fascination for mankind since prehistoric times. They have, and still are, prized for their honey and beeswax. They are essential coworkers in agriculture. Bee pollination is responsible for more than $15 billion in increased crop value each year, and their decline threatens the commercial production of many specialty crops that depend on them. The complexity of their communal life has intrigued many observers and scientists. This course aims to offer an exploration of one of the most amazing life forms we know. Topics covered include chemical ecology, insect physiology, beekeeping, behavioral ecology, pollination biology, sociobiology, Colony Collapse Disorder and Conservation Biology. The relationship between Humans and honeybees from prehistoric through modern age will be emphasized.


  • ENTOM-2030

date/time interval

  • Fall 2015


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