Managing grapevine diseases CALS Impact Statement uri icon


  • The primary focus of this project is to support the existing and expanding grape and wine industries in New York and other states east of the Rocky Mountains, by increasing the abilities of grape producers and their advisors to manage infectious diseases that limit profitability and preclude sustainable production if not addressed adequately. Additionally, the project has several components that are applicable to the grape industry in the western U.S., and to those in overseas locations. The project has three primary foci. First, Extension education, synthesizing and intelligibly presenting the research-based technical information that producers and advisors need to know in order to manage their diseases efficiently, effectively, and economically. Second, applied (and limited basic) research, to provide new information that will serve as the foundation for (i) designing improved management programs for traditional diseases, and (ii) identifying the causes of and controls for new diseases as they arise. And third, undergraduate and graduate education at Cornell’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, to train the next generation of vineyard managers and their research/advisory community.