Christopherson, Susan M

Cornell Faculty Member
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Susan Christopherson is a geographer committed to the integration of scholarly work and public engagement. She has published a series of key articles and a prize-winning book examining how market governance regimes influence regional economic development and firm strategies. She is also a recognized expert in the field of media studies with a record of research and publication on the media entertainment industries. She has more than 100 publications on topics illuminating the spatial dimensions of economy and society, and has served on numerous editorial boards. She is currently editor-in-chief of the Regional Studies Association/Taylor Francis Book Series on Cities and Regions. Christopherson's public engagement spans the local and the global. She has consulted with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and the United Nations, and directed projects on economic development in the U.S. Great Lakes region. Her recent work focuses on human-environment relations, related to unconventional energy extraction. Christopherson received a Ph.D. from the University of California–Berkeley. 

Geographic Focus