Adirondack Red; a red fleshed, red-skinned, specialty potato variety CALS Impact Statement uri icon


  • Abstract

    We have released a new red-fleshed specialty potato variety, high in health-promoting antioxidants.


    Consumers continually demand improvement in the potatoes they eat. Over the past decade interest in novel colored varieties has been steadily increasing. Red and purple-fleshed varieties not only add color to the dinner plate, but are also a good source of health-promoting antioxidants.


    The Cornell potato breeding program operates in partnership with potato growers in the Northeastern U.S. to develop new varieties with desirable attributes adapted to the regional climate. Advanced clones are evaluated in University trials, as well as on grower farms, with the ultimate decision to name and release a new variety dependent on grower interest. Recently a niche-market New York grower found that he could sell a novelty red-fleshed potato we developed. This variety was released in 2004 as "Adirondack Red", complementing the purple-fleshed "Adirondack Blue" we released in 2003. For both varieties the grower suggested the name to facilitate marketing. Structuring our breeding program so that growers decide what our breeding targets should be, and on which varieties ultimately get released, ensures that growers and consumers are provided with varieties they want to grow and eat.


    The release of a red-skinned, red-fleshed specialty potato variety provides another option for regional growers to produce and for consumers to eat, helping to sustain a vibrant rural economy.

    Funding Sources

    • Federal Formula Funds - Research (e.g., Hatch, McIntire-Stennis, Animal Health)
    • Other USDA (e.g., Water Quality, Special Grants, NRI)


    • Pennsylvania State University

    Key Personnel

    • Walter De Jong, Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, Cornell University
    • Bill Lamont, Department Of Horticulture, Pennsylvania State University