Bemis, Willy

Professor and John M. Kingsbury Director of Shoals Marine Laboratory
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In my role as Kingsbury Director of Shoals Marine Laboratory, I work to provide the best possible undergraduate courses and research internships at our facility on Appledore Island, Maine. With a 40-year track record of educational excellence, SML is working to increase both the breadth and depth of it curriculum to provide todayÕs students with topical and relevant experiences in marine science, sustainability, and conservation. During our 13-week operating season each summer, we offer more than 20 courses for college credit ranging from A Marine Approach to Introductory Biology to Field Marine Science, Diversity of Fishes, Ecology of Animal Behavior, Biological Illustration, Lobster Biology, and Forensics for Marine Biologists. More than 200 undergraduates participate annually in our courses and internships. We also offer adult and family education programs. For additional information and current course offerings, please visit:

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