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    The Population and Development Program (PDP) organizes in-depth graduate training in population dynamics for students from the United States, developing countries from throughout the world, and a number of developed countries with the goal of expanding the capacity of shaping policies relevant to population and development processes.


    Demographic processes impact a large set of social, economic and quality of life processes. Nonetheless, in many societies, the capacity to integrate knowledge of these processes with public and private policy dynamics is limited.


    The Population and Development Program (PDP) recruits students from around the world, provides in-depth training in demography and development processes, and provides support for the re-integration of these scholars into policy relevant positions in their origin regions.


    The PDP and its predecessor, the International Population Program, have trained over 100 Ph.D. and several dozen Masters degree professionals from over 40 counties. Over half of these professionals remain active in key university, government, and international agency positions throughout the world. Their efforts have increased the degree of sophisticated demographic input into a range of policy processes.

    Funding Sources

    • Private (e.g., commodity groups, foundations, companies)

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    • Department of Development Sociology, Cornell University
    • Department of Policy Analysis and Management, Cornell University

    Key Personnel

    • Thomas Hirschl, Development Sociology
    • Mary M. Kritz, Development Sociology
    • J. Mayone Stycos, Development Sociology
    • David L. Brown, Development Sociology
    • Parfait Eloundou, Development Sociology