Stewart, Linda S.

Life Sciences Bibliographer and Mann Special Collections Librarian
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Linda coordinates the selection of monographs for Mann Library.  She also selects monographs and serials for a variety of Mann's subject areas, including Animal Science, Design and Environmental Analysis, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Education, Entomology, Fiber Science and Apparel Design, Food Science, Neurobiology and Behavior, Natural Resources, and Physiology. 

She selects materials for Adelson Library of the Laboratory of Ornithology and administers Mann's Special Collections.

Research Areas research areas

administrative responsibilities

  • Mann Library Special Collections

    Life Sciences Bibliographer: selector for Animal Sciences, Entomology Library, Ornithology Library, Food Science, Nutritional Sciences, Natural Resources, Fiber Science and Apparel, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Physiology