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    • Caillaud, M.C. and S. Via. 2011. Quantitative Genetics of feeding behavior in an herbivorous insect. Heredity, 1-8.  (7 September 2011) | doi:10.1038/hdy.2011.24

    • Del Campo, M., S. Palmer and M.C. Caillaud, 2011. Characterization of a novel OBP protein in chemoreceptor organs of Manduca sexta larvae (Sphingidae). Annals of the Entomological Society of America, 104 (2): 319-325.


    • The International Aphid Genomics Consortium (including M.C. Caillaud, Jason Diaz and Eric van Fleet). 2010. Genome Sequence of the Pea Aphid Acyrthosiphon pisum. PLOS Biology,8 (2).

    • Marta L. del Campo, Carol I. Miles and Marina C. Caillaud. 2008. “Effects of experience on the physiology of taste discrimination in insects.” Chapter 9 in Insect Taste. . Edited by Philip L. Newland, Matthew Cobb. Taylor and Francis Group. View the PDF of the introduction here.

    • Stewart M. Gray, Marina C Caillaud, Mary Burrows, and Dawn M. Smith. 2007. “Transmission of two viruses that cause Barley Yellow Dwarf is controlled by different loci in the aphid, Schizaphis graminum”. Journal of Insect Science, 7(article 5): 1536-2442. View the PDF here.
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    • Braendle, C.,M. C. Caillaud and D. L. Stern. 2005. Genetic mapping of aphicarus - a sex-linked locus controlling a wing polymorphism in the pea aphid (Acyrthosiphon pisum). Heredity 94, 4.5-442. View the PDF
    • Braendle, C., I. Friebe,M.C. Caillaud and D.L. Stern. 2005. Genetic variation in an aphid wing polyphenisms is genetically linked to a naturally occurring wing polymorphism. Proc Royal Acad Sci , 272: 657-664. View the PDF
    • Caillaud, M.C., G. Mondor-Genson, S. Levine-Wilkinson, L. Mieuzet, A. Frantz, J.C. Simon and A. Coeur d'Acier, 2004. Microsatellite DNA markers for the pea aphid: Acyrthosiphon pisum (Harris, 1776) [Homoptera, Sternorrhynca]. Molecular Ecology Notes, vol. 4 (3) pp. 446-448. View pdf 
    • Del Campo, M., S. Via and M.C. Caillaud. 2003.  Recognition of host specific stimulants mediates host specificity and assortative mating in two host races of the pea aphid.  Ecological Entomology 28/4, 405-412. View PDF.
    • Caillaud, C.M., M. Boutin, Christian Braendle and J.C. Simon, 2002. A sex-linked locus controls wing polymorphism in males of the pea aphid, Acyrthosiphon pisum (Harris). Heredity 89:346-352. View PDF.
    • Dedryver, C-A., M. Hulle, J.F. Le Gallic, M.C. Caillaud and J-C. Simon. 2001. Coexistence in space and time of different life-cycle variants of a cyclical parthenogen: the cereal aphid Sitobion avenae in France. Oecologia, 128, 379-388.  View the PDF here.
    • Caillaud, C.M. and S. Via. 2000. Specialized feeding behavior influences both ecological specialization and assortative mating in sympatric host races of pea aphids. The American Naturalist, 156 (6), 606-621. View PD
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    • Caillaud, C.M.  & Niemeyer, H.N., 1996. Possible involvement of the phloem sealing system in the acceptance of a plant as host by an aphid. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences, (52), 9, 927-931
    • Pham-Delegue, M.H., Trouiller, J. Caillaud, C.M., Roger, B. & Masson, C., 1993. Effect of queen pheromone on worker bees of different ages: behavioural and electrophysiological responses. Apidologie, 24: 267-281.