Evaluation of organic control tactics for apple maggot CALS Impact Statement uri icon


  • Three treatments for controlling apple maggot in organic orchards were compared: (1) Curveball? spheres. (2) Entrust and (3) Gf-120 Naturalyte Fruit Fly bait. The Curveball? spheres are not approved for use in organic orchards, but the other two treatments are organically certified. Entrust was the only treatment that significantly reduced apple maggot damage at harvest below that in the check treatments. Even though the overall apple maggot damage in the Curveball? plots was not significantly lower than that in the check plots, twice as many flies were captured (505) during the season in these treatments compared to the checks (242). Therefore it appears that the Curveballs? were capable of killing large numbers of flies attracted to the plots, but their effectiveness could not compensate for the higher populations of flies that were attracted into their localized area throughout the season by the network of volatile lures. In the future, to enhance the effectiveness of this Curveball? system for controlling a localized, indigenous population of flies, it would be desirable to utilize a system that would not attract flies from long distances throughout the orchard, but would only attract flies within a single tree canopy to encounter the toxicant on the traps. Additional work will be done to attempt to increase the effectiveness of these three control tactics in the future.