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The Master of Arts program in archaeology is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of students, including those who want to prepare for entering a Ph.D. program; those who intend to pursue nonacademic careers in such areas as small-museum curation, historic preservation, and public archaeology; and international archaeologists who want advanced training not available in their home country. Students from countries in which Cornell archaeologists are active are particularly welcome to apply.
Students are expected to (1) attain a detailed knowledge of the archaeology of a particular culture area, a specific topic, or an analytical specialty and of relevant techniques, methods, and theoretical approaches; (2) gain a basic understanding in a minor, which may be in any field in the Graduate School; and (3) demonstrate competence in a language or analytical skill pertinent to the area of specialization. Degree requirements for the M.A. include a thesis, an oral or oral and written comprehensive examination, and completion of at least two residence units.

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