Brutnell, Tom

Adjunct Associate Professor
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My focus over the past several years has been on developing tools and resources for the analysis of cereal crop genomes. We are now generating a large sequence indexed collection of maize transposons that will be used by the maize research community in functional genomics studies. We have also developed techniques and statistical tools for the analysis of gene expression profiles in maize. In the coming years, I hope to move my research toward utilizing these tools in the analysis of light response and C4 photosynthesis in some of the most promising biofuels feedstocks.

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research overview

  • There are three major projects underway in my lab 1) The development of genome-wide insertional mutagenesis programs in maize 2) The molecular genetic dissection of light signal transduction pathways in maize and 3) The characterization of C4 photosynthetic pathways in maize. One application of this research is to engineer crop plants for improved feed, fuel and fiber traits.


  • C4 photosynthesis
  • light signaling
  • maize functional genomics
  • plant architecture