Bridgen, Mark P.

Cornell Faculty Member
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As Director of the Long Island Horticultural Research and Extension Center, my professional objectives are to meet the research needs of Cornell University and the extension needs of the horticultural industries on Long Island and in New York. My research program has elements of basic research as well as applied projects that are need-driven. Research interests are in the areas of new plant development and breeding, plant environment interactions, plant cell and tissue culture, in vitro plant breeding, plant propagation, genetic modifications for plant improvement, and plant growth and development of ornamental plants. Specific in vitro breeding techniques include somaclonal and gametoclonal variation, embryo culture, somatic embryogenesis, mutation breeding, meristem culture for the production of pathogen free plants, micropropagation, and in vitro fertilization. Specific applied studies pertain to herbaceous ornamental plants, field-grown cut flower production, use of high tunnels for season extension, plant propagation, greenhouse crop production, and cultivar evaluations.

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