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The Graduate Field of Biochemistry, Molecular, and Cell Biology provides top ranking, multidisciplinary training in diverse aspects of biological and biomedical sciences. The Field  is supported by over 50 faculty. Our strengths range from structural and cellular biochemistry to developmental biology and molecular genetics.   Research topics include transcription, DNA replication and repair, RNA biology, membrane trafficking, the cytoskeleton, signal transduction, metabolic regulation, enzyme structure and mechanism, organelle function, biophysics of protein-protein and protein-lipid interactions, and virology.  The model organisms used in BMCB labs include bacteria, yeast, plants, C. elegans, Drosophila, mouse, and cultured human cell lines. Our program includes lecture and laboratory courses, at least one semester of teaching experience, and a research-intensive thesis project.

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    • cell biology
    • biophysics
    • molecular biology
    • biochemistry

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