Hancock, Jeff

Associate Professor
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My research program at Cornell has focused on examining social interactions mediated by information and communication technology, with a particular emphasis on how people produce and understand language in these contexts. In general, my theoretical approach draws on collaborative action-oriented models of communication, in particular Herb Clark's model of language use, and self-presentational frameworks that describe interpersonal motivations. My research has focused on two types of language phenomenon, verbal irony and deception, and on a number of cognitive and social psychological factors affected by online communication, such as impression formation and management, group processes, and individual differences (e.g., cognitive flexibility, personality traits, etc). Within each of these areas my research tends to be guided by more specific, phenomena-related theory (e.g., for irony, the allusional pretense model, for deception, the interpersonal deception theory, for impression formation the Hyperpersonal model, etc.).

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