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The University-wide Center for Vertebrate Genomics has several goals related to the enhancement of research and education in vertebrate genetics and functional genomics at Cornell. These include:
  • Conducting various activities to foster academic and research interactions amongst vertebrate geneticists across the campus. 
  • Assisting in the recruitment of outstanding scientists with expertise in vertebrate functional genomics. 
  • Contributing to relevant undergraduate and graduate education, postdoctoral training and recruiting, and the acquisition of grants to support these efforts. The Center oversees an NIH training grant in vertebrate developmental genomics. 
  • Supporting shared resources and enabling technologies relevant to modern genomics research. 
To accomplish these goals, the Center provides financial support for various activities, such as training fellowships for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers; teaching opportunities in Genomics; seed funding for research projects; travel to meetings and conferences; the monthly Vertebrate Genomics ( a.k.a. "Verge") club in which member labs present research over lunch; subsidy for next generation sequencing; and the annual symposium. The Center launched in the Fall of 2004, and we currently have 85 faculty and associate members. View our membership information  to learn about the conditions of membership, the benefits, and how to apply.

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