Carroll, Juliet Evelyn

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Carroll is responsible for fostering arthropod, plant disease, weed, and vertebrate management by tree fruit, berry and grape growers of NY through IPM practices that minimize the use of pesticides. She works closely with Cornell Cooperative Extension educators, faculty, legislators, the fruit industry, consultants, and growers. Carroll directed the Plant Disease Clinic and 4H plant pathology program at Cornell and recently spent two years managing the multistate project on potato virus Y which has emerged as a tuber quality disease worldwide. She has conducted research on Dutch elm disease, maple decline, wheat spindle streak mosaic, carrot leaf blights, grapevine powdery mildew, tarnished plant bug, blueberry diseases, bacterial canker of cherry, potato virus Y, and spotted wing drosophila. She is author of over 200 extension and research publications and authored a monograph for high school biology teachers. As Fruit IPM Coordinator she carries 20% research and 80% extension responsibilities. Her work on bacterial canker of sweet cherry determined the disease could be effectively managed with fewer copper bactericide sprays, using properly timed pruning practices. Carroll invented Trac Software, a pesticide spray record-keeping program promoting market traceability and meeting federal and state pesticide reporting requirements. Carroll is project leader for the Network for Environment and Weather Applications (NEWA),, a weather mesonet, that provides weather information and IPM tools via the Internet. Her collaborative research currently focuses on the invasive destructive insect spotted wing drosophila.

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