Khatchadourian, Lori

Milstein Sesquicentennial Fellow
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Lori Khatchadourian (Ph.D., Classical Art & Archaeology, University of Michigan, 2008) is an assistant professor of archaeology in the Department of Near Eastern Studies.  Her research interests include the archaeology of empires, materiality, landscapes, and social and archaeological theory, as well as the archaeology of the Caucasus, the Near East, and Eurasia.  Dr. Khatchadourian's current book project, tentatively titled The Satrapal Condition, develops an archaeological framework for grappling with the endurance of non-colonial imperial formations that centers on the making of imperial subjects with objects. The book explores the satrapal condition empirically through a case study of the Achaemenid Persian Empire and its subjugated province or Armenia. Dr. Khatchadourian conducts fieldwork in the Republic of Armenia and is a co-director of Project ArAGATS and Cornell's Landscapes and Objects Laboratory. Her publications have addressed theoretical issues of empire, as seen from the Armenian highlands, the Caucasus, and the wider Near East.