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subject description and guidelines

  • The Libraries seek to support research and instruction in the areas of ecology and evolutionary biology. The major areas of scholarship are biogeochemistry and ecosystem science, community ecology, population biology, organismal biology, evolutionary genetics, and macroevolution and systematics.


  • The collection is used by faculty, staff and students of the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. This is a basic science department, but many researchers are also concerned with how biology can be used to inform decisions in environmental, agricultural, and medical science. Employees of various research institutes on campus, such as the Museum of Vertebrates, Laboratory of Ornithology, and Paleontological Research Institute also rely on the basic science aspects of this collection, as do undergraduate majors in Biological Sciences. Graduate users come from the fields of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Applied Mathematics, Entomology, Genetics and Development, Natural Resources, Plant Biology, Science and Technology Studies, and Zoology.