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  • Biochemistry at Cornell University is viewed broadly as the fundamental chemical, physical, biochemical, molecular biological, and cell biological principles that govern all forms and processes of life and is characterized by top ranking, multidisciplinary research in diverse aspects of biological, biomedical and biophysical sciences. Strengths include biochemistry, structural biology, cell biology, developmental biology, molecular genetics and biomedical instrumentation and diagnostics, with notable collaborations across the spectrum and with applied as well as basic sciences. Graduate education is heavily emphasized in these fields.

    Two general areas typify the collecting emphases of the primary libraries: organism level cell biology by Mann Library and molecular level mechanics by the Physical Sciences Library. The focus is primarily on research journals and book series in electronic format. Relevant bibliographic databases and specialized resources including protocols and data-rich resources are also collected.


  • Modern Biochemistry is multidisciplinary and links many other biological disciplines.