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subject description and guidelines

  • Broad coverage of historical and contemporary research materials on the built environment, including architecture (for professional practice), city and regional planning, urban design planning and history, history of architecture, historic preservation planning, and related disciplines including landscape architecture, interior design, and environmental analysis.


  • The major constituencies served by this collection are the undergraduate students who participate in the five-year professional degree program (B.Arch). The college also offers M.Arch I (Professional) and M.Arch II (Post-Professional) degree programs. Additional primary clientele include those studying the History of Architecture and Urban Development (M.A. and Ph.D) and those pursuing an M.A. in Historic Preservation Planning. The collection also seeks to support (in a collaborative and interdisciplinary manner) with several campus libraries, the research needs of those pursuing advanced degrees in City and Regional Planning (M.R.P and Ph.D.).