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  • Chemistry is a foundation science. It has several subfields, is very interdisciplinary and supports research across the sciences. Chemistry deals with the composition, structure, and properties of matter, including biological substances. Cornell research is active in all subfields, including analytical, bioinorganic, bioorganic, biophysical, chemical biology, inorganic, materials, organic, organometallic, physical, polymer and theoretical chemistry. Current areas of particular emphasis are chemistry at the nanometer scale, energy and sustainability and involve large-scale collaboration across Cornell. Chemical principles and methodologies are central to many scientific disciplines and the collection actively supports research and teaching across Cornell, including engineering, biological, agricultural, medical, mathematical and physical sciences.

    This is primarily an electronic collection to support the increasingly online workflows and information requirements of researchers. The focus is on full access to the published literature in electronic format. The chemistry collection includes several enhanced interfaces with features essential to chemical and physical sciences research. Emerging cross-disciplinary experimental research in areas such as soft matter and fuel cells requires an extensive mix of specialized data-rich resources. Significant effort is also focused on acquiring electronic access to older literature, especially journals and book series. “Good chemistry” does not age, and many of the techniques and characterizations are still in use and applicable to new research problems.