Shortest path poset of Bruhat intervals Lecture, Seminar, or Colloquium uri icon


  • Speaker: Saúl Blanco, Cornell University

    The Bruhat interval [u,v] is endowed with rich topological and combinatorial structure; for instance, it is Gorenstein*. On the other hand, not much is known of the remaining u-v paths in the Bruhat graph B(u,v) of [u,v]. Consider the poset SP(u,v) of shortest u-v paths in B(u,v). SP(u,v) and [u,v] have similarities; for example, if there is only one rising chain (using the reflection order) in SP (u, v), then SP (u, v)) is also a Gorenstein*. Further properties of SP (u, v) will be discussed.

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  • Fall 2010