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subject description and guidelines

  • The Cornell Medieval Studies Program is interdisciplinary and draws faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students from many departments: Classics, Comparative Literature, English, History, History of Art, Modern Languages, German Literature, Romance Studies, Music, Asian Studies, and Near Eastern Studies.

    In the context of building Cornell library collections, the term "medieval studies" refers to the languages, literatures, history, culture, commerce, social life and customs of Europe and the Byzantine Empire from the period of the Great Migrations (ca. A. D. 300) to the Renaissance (beginning in Italy 1350, England, France, Germany and Austria ca. 1485, the Low Countries and Scandinavia 1500-1550). Within this scope, materials that are interdisciplinary or intra-national are purchased by the medieval studies selector while materials specific to a particular discipline or nation are generally purchased by the appropriate subject selector.


  • Cornell faculty, students, and staff are the primary constituency for this collection.