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subject description and guidelines

  • Mathematics at Cornell University is collected to supports the research and instructional needs of faculty, graduate students and undergraduates for library materials on pure mathematics, applied mathematics, mathematical statistics, the pedagogy of mathematics and the history of mathematics. For the working mathematical scientist the literature is the laboratory. The core users are about 100 faculty members and 200 graduate students from the Department of Mathematics, the Center for Applied Mathematics, and the Department of Statistical Science. Addition users come from traditional fields like engineering, the physical and biological sciences. The ever increasing quantification of the social sciences and even the humanities has brought the collection increased use from such fields as economics, management, planning, ecology, etc.

    New research in mathematics builds on established result and old materials are cited and utilized much more than in some other scientific fields. The reliability of the literature is extremely important and scholars count on the peer reviewed literature. While the majority of the use is scholarly journals books are very important and mathematics books are most heavily used books on campus.

    The literature is increasingly online and the users have embraced online use. We have been actively acquiring electronic access to the older literature as it become available.