Reveal, Jim L.

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Plant systematics is an ever-changing field that brings its past with it. I concentrate on dealing with that past from both an historical and a nomenclature perspective by concentrating on who, where and when plants were found in North America, and by compiling suprageneric names. The objective of my historical work is to provide concise information on the contributions of botanical collectors who gathered plants in North America from approximately 1600 until 1900, concentrating mainly on those who collected in eastern North America prior to 1780, and those who were in the West from 1780 onward. Suprageneric names are those scientific names given to plants at ranks above that of the genus. Prior to 1990 none of these names had been compiled or their correctness - in terms of the rules governing botanical nomenclature - evaluated. The objective of this effort is to compile all such names and make them available to other researchers.

research overview

  • Research interests include floristic studies in western North America (including endangered and threatened species), examination of historical specimens gathered in temperate North America, monographic studies on Polygonaceae subfam. Eriogonoideae, botanical nomenclature, history of botanical explorations in the New World, and a review of suprageneric nomenclature, including vascular plant family nomenclature and an evaluation of systems of classification at and above the family level. The most recent efforts involve a joint effort with Dr. Robert F. Thorne entitled "An updated classification of the Class Magnoliopsida ("Angiospermae")" published in Botanical Review (2007), a new version of the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group classification of flowering plants (APG-III, 2009), and a personal view of angiosperm classification entitled "An outline of a classification scheme for extant flowering plants" (2012).


  • Botanical nomenclature
  • Classification of extant vascular plants
  • Floristic botany
  • History of systematic botany
  • Monographic systematic botany
  • Supgrageneric nomenclature