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Oh, Sang-Hun

Cornell Academic Staff
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research overview

  • I am interested in empirical studies of systematics, phylogeny, and evolution in a variety of groups of flowering plants. Specific researches include (1) the phylogenetic relationships, character evolution, and historical biogeography of a rosid order Crossosomatales using morphological and anatomical data as well as DNA sequences of protein-coding nuclear genes, (2) speciation and hybridization in Neillia and Physocarpus (Rosaceae) based on nuclear and chloroplast genes, (3) biogeography of Rosaceae, (4) phylogeny and macroevolution of Fagaceae based on DNA sequences, and (5) origins of flora of Ullung Island, a volcanic island in East Sea (Sea of Japan).


  • biogeography
  • flowering plants
  • hybridization
  • phylogeny
  • systematics